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We recognize that there are volumes of information on the web telling you how to get in shape and why you should buy someone's product. The fact is that some of the information is good, but some of it is not.

We are here to help you find good, quality information based on sound references and practices. We are a group of "Back in Shape Buddies". Just as we have done, we will help you find a balanced approach to getting back in shape - one that is successful for you.

You'll save time by not endlessly wandering the world wide web -time that you can use toward getting back in shape.

We help you plan a get back in shape program designed to fit your needs rather than trying to fit you into a specific program. This is just one way that HOW TO GET BACK IN SHAPE .com can help.

Lots of exercise sites have you start with squats and lunges, or a great ab workout. Yes, these can be good exercises, but not if you have knee or back pain. And many sites often address only one aspect of getting in shape. Then what do you do?

We address all aspects needed to get back in shape. And if someone has better information on a certain subject than we do, then we provide you with the link. We help you learn how to modify your exercises. We help you find what exercises and positions can aggravate your condition and what exercises can reduce your pain. 

We include information on Fitness & Exercise despite painful conditions, Nutrition, Health, Posture, Breathing, Relaxation & Stress Reduction, Balance, Equipment and Supplies to help you along your path, and we direct you towards Community Resources and Practitioners in your area. And we do not overlook the Mind/Body connection. To the contrary, we help you fully develop the connection.

We help you learn about:

  • Exercise & Fitness -What you need to know, what to do and how to start, where to go, what you need to buy, how and what to keep track of, and how to find the motivation needed to keep you walking your new healthy path  
  • Special Health Concerns -   If you have health concerns about getting back in shape such as neck or back pain, knee, shoulder or foot pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, smoking and or depression we will guide you to specific information to help you succeed. 
  • Stress Reduction & Relaxation -  Give your immune system a boost and enjoy the balance and tranquility you'll experience as you find yourself relaxing in your new healthy lifestyle.  Discover the benefits of massage.   
  • Resources and Supplies - Where to find the right information  to help you start getting back in shape, the right people to help you, places, classes, supplies and equipment you need to successfully start your new healthy lifestyle  
  • Nutrition - Learn to savor deliciously healthy foods, learn sound weight loss principles based on research, put food in perspective 
  • Breathing - No program to get back in shape is complete without addressing the wonders of breathing. Good breathing helps you regulate not only your oxygen intake, but your lymphatic and nervous systems, as well as mobilizing your internal organs.

We help you learn how you can:

Lower your Blood Pressure

Lower your Risk for Diabetes and Heart Disease

Increase your Muscle Strength and Tone your Muscles

Decrease Pain

Improve your Function and Circulation

Lose Weight

Look Better and Feel Better

And We Help Motivate you to Succeed.

**This website is intended for informational purposes only and is NOT designed to give medical advice.  Our purpose is to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle through information on exercise, nutrition, posture and relaxation.  See  full disclaimer**

Our group of "Back in Shape Buddies" is your resource to help you Get Back in Shape. 

Are you ready to join us to get started and take your first step toward getting Back in Shape?




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