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  An Exercise Ball


 An exercise ball can be your home gym all by 

 itself!  You can use an exercise ball for:

 strengthening, conditioning, flexibility, balance,

 coordination and core stability exercises.  Use it

 to reduce back pain and improve your posture.  

   How To Get Back In Shape with an Exercise Ball 

Getting Back in Shape with an Exercise Ball is a fun way to exercise! You can get a good aerobic workout bouncing on the ball.  It is great for pelvic mobility and trunk stability and therefore, improves your posture.  An exercise ball is one of the best ways to help you strengthen and coordinate both your smaller and larger postural muscles to improve your posture and to reduce back pain. 

 Remember to order an Exercise Ball! 


  BOSU     Weighted     Yamuna 

You can turn your TV time into get "back in  shape" time by sitting and bouncing and rolling around on an exercise ball.  With an exercise ball for support, it is easy to learn how to squat and strengthen your quads, your glutes and trunk muscles.  These are important muscles needed to reduce back pain and knee pain.  Plus, these are large muscle groups that burn up calories!

An exercise ball can be used to support you while you work up to full body weight exercises and can be used as a weight bench for some exercises.

To reduce back pain while sitting, you may try sitting on an exercise ball for short intervals as your desk chair. Some people with back pain find that this is a very effective way to reduce their pain while they keep mobile with dynamic sitting.  If you want the effects of sitting on a ball, but aren't ready to give up your chair try the Back Vitalizer

Choose an Exercise Ball that is right for you.

Choose an exercise ball size by your height:

 6' 2" to 6' 8"    75 cm (30") - For height 6' 2" - 6' 8"  
 5' 7" to 6' 1"   65 cm (26") - For height 5' 7" - 6' 1"
 5' 1" to 5' 6"   55 cm (22") - For height 5' 1" - 5' 6" 
 4' 7" to 5'   45 cm (18") - For height 4' 7" - 5' 

When the right size exercise ball is properly inflated, you should be able to sit on the ball with your knees and hips bent to 90 degrees.

For safety, choose an exercise ball that is burst resistant with a Slow Deflate System.  See Precautions .


How to do a Squat with An Exercise Ball

See how you can use an exercise ball to learn how to do a squat. If you have knee pain or back pain, an exercise ball can help you achieve a squat, which is a great multi-muscle exercise, while reducing stress on your back and knees. Just click on the video below: 


 Learn how to Squat with an Exercise Ball. 

  • Protect your back with support from an exercise ball. 
  • Exercise multiple muscles with a squat. 
  • Squat within your comfort range with an exercise ball. 

How To Squat with An Exercise Ball

If you are not sure about your balance, hold on to something stable as you try the  ball squat.
  If you would like to use an Exercise Ball as a Desk Chair see our video. 

Why we chose the Thera-Band Anit-Burst Exercise Balls with the Slow Deflate System -

"The Thera-Band SDS (Slow Deflate System) Exercise Ball is made from a specially formulated compound that enables the ball to resist the tendency to burst when punctured. Included exercise guide illustrates correct positions for 24 exercises designed to increase flexibility, improve coordination and strengthen the abdomen, back, chest, arms, thighs, legs and buttocks. Uses for the Thera-Band Ball include: exercise, gym, balance, fitness, yoga, pilates, resistance and stability." And it is used safely in therapy clinics across the country.

How To Get Back In Shape with an Exercise Ball 


As with any exercise, consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner before you start a new exercise program.  Precaution: You should not use an exercise ball if you have balance problems, dizziness, or if you have fragile bones such as with osteoporosis and could sustain an injury if you fell off of the ball. Consult your healthcare practitioner or physical therapist to see if an exercise ball is right for you. Add an Exercise Ball DVD set for instruction and workouts.

 Isokinetics Exercise Ball Air Pump - Heavy Duty - 3 Color Choices

 If you need a pump for your exercise ball, these are the easiest to use. 



You may also be interested in using a half a ball or a BOSU balance trainer to help you strengthen and coordinate multiple muscle groups. 

 Bosu Balance Trainer Home Version

A BOSU helps you intensify your workouts by requiring you to use multilple large muscle groups as you balance on the BOSU during exercise. Training on the BOSU is especially good for working your core or postural muscles.

BOSU means Both Sides Up meaning you can workout with it ball side up or flat side up. If you want to add more fun and challenge to your workouts, consider the BOSU.
Bosu Core Synergy DVD



DVD Workouts with An Exercise Ball

Find the workouts that suit you best with your exercise ball. The following set is a great way to get started.   

Fit Ball Workouts Bundle ( Exclusive)

Weighted Balls or Medicine Balls

 Bally 3lb. Pearlized Weighted Ball

 Add a weighted ball to your exercise

 or Pilates routines for better muscle

 strengthening and toning.

Weighted Balls

 Valeo Medicine Balls, 6 lb.

Yamuna Ball Rolling Yamuna Body Rolling Yellow Ball Kit

Body rolling is an all round exercise routine that strengthens, lengthens, conditions and tones your body, enhancing your posture and flexibility.

"body rolling also realigns your spine and joints, relieving pain and muscle tension and providing a workout, a massage, and a chiropractic session all at once."

Yamuna Abdominal Strengthening   
Total Body Workout
Yamuna Ball Rolling

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