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Courses & Classes to Get Back in Shape 

Taoist Energy Practice and Instruction Classes 


Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Longevity Breathing Yoga Class Schedule near Boston


Weekly Class Schedule for Taoist Nei Gung, and Ba Gua Zhang in Berkeley, CA.


 Weekly Tai Chi Class Schedule in Broward County, Florida


Longevity Breathing, Ba Gua Zhang, Energy Gates, Tai Chi, Instruction in North Carolina

 Tai Chi, Chi Kung , Meditation Class Schedule in NYC

 Tai Chi, Chi Gung Class Schedule in El Paso, Texas

Washington, D.C.

Taoist Longevity Breathing Yoga

Bagua Circle Walking for Stress-Relief

Dragon & Tiger Qigong

Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Qigong

Course Descriptions

Directory of Taoist Arts Instructors (read terms of use)


Chi Gung

Longevity Breathing: Whole Body Breathing for Lifelong Vitality

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Events to Get Back in Shape





 Cycle Events


 Walking Events






Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You're 80 and Beyond    Younger Next Year for Women: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You're 80 and Beyond   Younger Next Year Journal: Start Now and Live the Promise Day-by-Day 

Get Back in Shape After Pregnancy 


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