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Cross Training

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Cross Training helps you get back in shape with better, faster and more effective results.

Whether you are trying to get back in shape to lose weight, reduce pain, gain strength, improve flexibility, increase your endurance or get ready to play a sport, cross training will help you improve your workouts.

Why use Cross Training to get Back in Shape?

1.  Reduced Chance of Injury with Cross Training

Get better results and lessen the chance of overuse injuries by varying your types of workout.  Changing your workouts causes you to use different muscles and body parts in different ways.  This gives them a rest from the same repetition of movement.  For example, if you walk, jog or run for your cardio workout, try alternating those workouts with aquatic exercise, cycling or a workout on an elliptical trainer. 

2. Better Adherence to your Exercise Program 

Cross training also helps eliminate one of the greatest reasons people stop exercising and drop out of their exercise programs to get back in shape - boredom or lack of interest.  Keeping a variety of activities and workouts is more satisfying mentally, and often means that you will enjoy exercising for longer periods of time.

3. Less Chance of Plateauing with Cross Training

Another pitfall you avoid by cross training is the dreaded plateau!  With many exercise and weight loss programs you hit plateaus that seem insurmountable because the body simply adapts to your workouts.  Varying your exercise program with cross training keeps your body guessing what comes next.  The result is less adaptation, less plateauing and more success.

4. Cross Training gives you Better Overall Results.

Last but not least, cross training gives your body a better overall workout.  One exercise variety may miss certain muscles that another exercise will address.  The more muscles that you incorporate, the better strength, balance, coordination,  agility and weight loss you will achieve.  So with cross training you get back in shape more safely, more consistently and more completely.

Reduced chance of Overuse Injuries

Less chance of Boredom, More Adherence

Better Weight Loss, Better Results
Break thru and Eliminate Plateaus
Better Overall, More Satisfying Workouts

  "When you train, Cross Train"


Cross Train with Different Types of Exercise:

As you put together your plan to get back in shape, create a well rounded exercise program that includes the following cross training components:

  • a cardiovascular component, (aerobic, cardio) 
  • a strength training component and 
  • a flexibility component.

 Cardiovascular Component:  Aerobic or Cardio  -

Your cardiovascular component will include continuous type exercises where you train at your target heart rate Cardio exercises improve your heart and lungs which improves your endurance. 

Adding variety to your cardio workouts improves your conditioning in different ways.  Choose at least one low or non-impact type of cardio exercise such as swimming, cycling or elliptical training to reduce joint pain and wear and tear.

 Strength Component:

By adding resistance to your exercise program, you add strength, core stability, improved postural control, lean muscles and better overall functional capacity. Resistance can take the form of free weights, weight machines, body weight exercises, resistance or suspension bands.

When planning your strength training workouts, make sure that you work on core stability.  Strengthening of your arms and legs require a strong base of support or a strong center.

  Flexibility Component: 

Daily stretching is perhaps one of the most important components of getting back in shape.  Try adding yoga to your exercise program to get back in shape or set up your own stretching routine.









Low/No Impact:

 Aquatic Exercise


 Nordic Walking


 Elliptical Trainer






 Core Stability

 Free Weights

 Weight Machines

 Body Weight 


 Resistance Bands

Aquatic Resistance AquaJogger 






  Review your current exercise program to make sure that you have included cross training to help you get back in shape.   


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