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 Easy Exercises


To begin to get back in shape, choose a level of exercise that you are willing to do regularly.

Easy exercises
are a great way to get started.  If you begin to make drastic changes too rapidly, you are more likely to abandon your plans.

Even the most basic exercises, when done regularly, will provide you with substantial benefits:

  • Improved Circulation 
  • Increased Flexibility and Joint Range of Motion 
  • Improved Muscle Tone and Strength 
  • Better Posture 
  • Reduced Pain and Stress 
  • Reduced Risk for Disease 

 Couch Potato DVD, Level One, On The Couch
  Easy Couch Exercises

What are easy ways to introduce exercises into your daily routine?

To successfully add exercises into your day, make them a priority, just as you do with taking a shower, brushing your teeth, eating and sleeping.  A few stretches before you get out of bed will get you started.  An early morning walk starts your day off right.  A few exercises on the floor (or even on the couch) while you watch TV will help you strengthen muscles and improve your range of motion. 

The most important step in getting back in shape is to get started at a comfortable level that you can accomplish regularly.  As your body begins to respond to the easy exercises, you will then be able to move on to more moderate workouts.

Can I really get back in shape with easy exercises?

Yes, you can certainly get started getting back in shape with easy exercises. Easy exercises help you successfully transition into a more active lifestyle.  They also help you build up your exercise tolerance gradually, avoid injury and allow you to successfully progress.  If you begin exercise too aggressively, you are likely to burn out, get hurt and quit trying.

So, to start getting back in shape, think in terms of "What is the one thing that I can do regularly for the rest of my life, starting right now?"  If you are willing to do some basic exercises on the couch while you watch TV, then that is your first step.  Doing couch exercises during commercials of a TV program that you watch regularly will give you consistency in your beginning exercise program.

Once you have established your couch exercise routine as a daily habit, ask yourself what is the next thing you can do regularly.  Choose another exercise activity such as walking. 

You may decide that wearing a pedometer is the one step that you can begin right now.  Start logging the number of steps you walk each day.  Once you have a baseline, gradually increase this total each week.

Remember, getting started is your first step toward being successful.  Making Ongoing Changes in your Activity, Diet, and Stress Levels creates your new healthy lifestyle.

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Full disclosure:  The Couch Potato DVD, Level 1, On The Couch, is a beginning level DVD created by a couple of our back in shape buddies!

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