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The ElliptiGO can be a fun way to get back in shape

   without putting strain on your joints and 

  without aggravating back pain. 

With the ElliptiGO you get back in shape by combining

the benefits of cardiovascular training with the fun of

 outdoor exercise.   If running aggravates your joints or

 biking bothers your back, try the ElliptiGO -

 no impact and you ride standing in a comfortable upright

 position.   Whether you are riding for fun, exercise or a

 commute, try the ElliptiGO.


 The ElliptiGO is

easy on your joints!

 You can take a virtual test ride or sign up for an actual test ride. 

  <<< click on the ElliptiGo and check it out!

Concerned about your balance?  See just how easy it is to get

started.  Use the ElliptiGo as you would a bike - for a good cardio

 workout or for transportation, or both.  Get your workouts riding

to and from work, or ride just to have healthy outdoor fun while you get

back in shape! 

What it the ElliptiGO?

The ElliptiGO is an outdoor elliptical bike. Riding the ElliptiGO bike gives you a great cardio workout which burns calories to help you lose weight and get back in shape.

Unlike riding bent forward on a regular bike, you ride standing in a comfortable upright position. This weight bearing exercise is good for building stronger bones and is easier on your back.

Unlike an indoor elliptical trainer, the ElliptiGO lets you get outside and have fun. It liberates you from the gym.

So, the ElliptiGO elliptical trainer gives you the best of all worlds - effective exercise, without stressful impact on your joints, while enjoying the outdoors as you create your healthy lifestyle and get back in shape.

Who benefits from using the ElliptiGo?

Former Runners whose joints and back no longer tolerate the pounding impact of running
Current Runners who want to use the ElliptiGO for cross training
Bike Riders or recumbent bike riders whose back would prefer an upright posture
Elliptical users who want to get out of doors
Anyone trying to get back in shape and stay in shape while enjoying yourself!

What Do You Need To Get Started with the Elliptigo?

  • You can just hop on your EllliptiGo bike and go, but we recommend using a helmet just as you would wear if you were riding a regular bike.  
  • We also recommend a heart rate monitor to keep within your target heart rate range and  to maximize your workouts.  Click here to visit ElliptiGO  

Get Back in Shape with a Heart Rate Monitor for Interval Exercise Training

A Heart Rate Monitor


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