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Best Exercises for Pain


Having pain can make it very difficult to workout and get back in shape.  Whether you have ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, neck or shoulder pain, any body part that hurts can cause you to give up and stop exercising.

Choosing the best exercises for your painful condition can make the difference in your success or failure to get back in shape.  The best exercises for pain will help you correct your painful condition while allowing you to strengthen, condition and increase your flexibility.

Working with your doctor or a physical therapist on a one on one basis should give you the best exercises to correct your pain and to help you get back in shape safely.  

To find exercises for pain conditions, such as neck & back pain see our section on Health Concerns.

The Best Exercises For Getting Back In Shape When You Have Pain:

To find the best exercises for getting back in shape when you have a painful condition, choose from the topics below:

Aquatic Exercises - Some of the best exercises for pain are exercises that can be done in the pool because the water provides buoyancy reducing the compressive forces on your joints and gives you greater freedom of movement. 

Walking - While walking is an excellent exercise program, heel pain, ankle, knee or hip problems can alter your movement patterns causing pain.  Adding walking poles, otherwise known as Nordic Walking Poles or trekking poles, can give you just enough support to allow you to walk with a pain-free gait and increase your walking speed for better exercise results. 

Somatics, Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique - Mind-body exercises created by Thomas Hanna, based on the studies of Moshe Feldenkrais are designed to improve flexibility and movement, reducing pain. 

Yoga - An excellent program to get back in shape, yoga includes all aspects of improving the body including flexibility, strength, conditioning, breathing and relaxation.  Because there are many types of yoga, choose a yoga method that is more suited to your abilities.  Learn more about different types of yoga.

Pilates - Pilates strengthens and stretches your body with emphasis on postural muscle control, so it is particularly good for people who have painful conditions that require stabilization and good postural alignment.

Tai Chi, Qi-Gong - Energy exercises are based on ancient eastern studies and are often the basis for many newer exercise regimes.  Understanding the flow of energy speeds your efforts to get back in shape.

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