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Find a Pilates Instructor

Pilates - Pilates is an exercise program which, along with its equipment, was originally developed by Joseph Pilates. Before you begin Pilates exercises to get back in shape, it is best to get some professional instruction so that you understand the principles and understand the proper feel. 

Pilates strengthens and stretches your body with emphasis on postural muscle control, so it is particularly good for people who have special physical concerns in their quest to get back in shape.

  • Find a Pilates Instructor 
  • The cost is in the range of $20/class to $75/hour of instruction.
  • The certification process is relatively new so there are also excellent instructors that have been teaching for a long time without certification. In this case, ask the length of time the instructor has been teaching Pilates and/or try to get recommendations. If you have a health condition or injury, your doctor may be able to recommend a physical therapist who uses Pilates exercises, which may be covered by your health insurance. Ask your doctor or health care practitioner.
  • Find Pilates DvD instruction and Equipment 

Stamina Pilates Premier XP Reformer Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout DVD Pilates

Have Osteoporosis?  Check with your Physical Therapist to see if you need to Modify  Pilates Exercises to avoid injury.  See these suggested modifications from the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF).


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