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 General Precautions

As with any program to get back in shape you should check with your doctor first. Not all plans are suitable for all people. Please read our full disclaimer page before using this site.

Warning Signs

Know the warning signs of a medical emergency before you embark on an exercise program. Knowing your warning signs can help you avoid delays in treatment should you need it. The sooner you get treatment when in danger, the higher your chances of survival.

If you have any of the following signs or symptoms begin before, during or following exercise treat it as if you have a medical emergency. Call 911 immediately. If your area does not have 911 services, look up your local emergency phone number and write it down now. Learn these signs now to avoid any problems in the future:

  • Pain or Pressure: in the chest, back, arm(s), neck, throat, or jaw
  • Shortness of Breath, Nausea, Clamminess, Fear 
  • Sudden: Weakness or Numbness, Trouble Speaking or Seeing, Headache or Dizziness, Confusion, Trouble Walking 

Don't wait until you are having symptoms to read the following information and related sites. Read them now and learn the warning signs of heart attack and stroke. If you or someone near you feels any of these symptoms, recognize them as a medical emergency, call 911 fast, (seconds count) note the time, give your location and symptoms. Fast action saves lives. Maybe your own...

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The following are some precautions you may need to consider as you start to get back in shape:

  • If you have signs or symptoms of a disease, see your personal physician first, before you begin a new diet, exercise, supplement or treatment program. Remember that this site is for information only. See full disclaimer.
  • If you have had an injury, surgery, are pregnant or recently delivered, have glaucoma, osteoporosis (thinning of the bones), disc or spinal problems some positions, movements, resistance exercises or hands-on techniques may not be appropriate for you. If you are seeking treatment or therapy, inform your therapist and/or exercise instructor so that they can adjust your program accordingly.

  • If you have any of the following or are taking medications for diabetes, heart disease, asthma or medications such as anti-coagulant therapy or steroids to name a few, learn what your precautions are before embarking on exercise or treatment program. Clear your all your plans with your physician.

    • Some examples:

    • Diabetics should monitor their insulin response to exercise. If you begin to feel shaky or nervous, discontinue exercise.

    • People taking anticoagulants should notify their therapist to avoid bruising with manual therapy techniques.

    • People with heart disease should be especially careful not to hold their breath during exercise to avoid "val-salva" which raises blood pressure, and should monitor their heart rate with a Heart Rate Monitor during exercise.

    • These are only a few of examples of precautions that may apply to you. So, to get started on a successful program to get back in shape, make sure you discuss your plans with your physician before you begin.

If you have any of the above consider wearing a medical alert bracelet with your infomation.


Are you Physically Ready to start an Exercise Program? See the National Academy of Sports Medicine Questionaire. Click here >>>  Par-Q

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