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with Elaine Petrone's, The Miracle Ball Method

Enjoy the miracle of relaxation as you get back in shape with a miracle ball massage! 

Think you can't afford regular massage?  Think again.  One of the best ways to get regular massages is to do it yourself.  Massage not only feels good, but it helps you achieve deep relaxation, releasing muscle tension and stress.  And relaxation is a key aspect of getting back in shape.

There are several products to help you give yourself a good massage.  One of the easiest and very effective self massage product is the Miracle Ball  The miracle ball is larger and softer than a tennis ball.  See our Back in Shape Buddy, Marilyn demonstrate how she uses the Miracle Ball for her back.

Miracle Balls    

Miracle Ball 

Back in Shape Buddy, Marilyn, demonstrates how she uses the Miracle Ball for her back.

You simply place the ball in areas of muscle tension. Allow your body weight, gravity and relaxed breathing to do the rest. Feel the tension melt away. Simple is in fact often better. Adding relaxation to your program to get back in shape does wonders for your health.

You can use old soft tennis balls to give yourself a massage, but we think the Miracle Balls are much more comfortable and they are inexpensive. (Plus you get Elaine Petrone’s little book explaining The Miracle Ball Method.) And the price is a steal!  Get yours before the price goes up.

Miracle Ball 

Note:  There are some precautions which Elaine Petrone covers in her book regarding placement of the balls. If you have any doubts as to whether or not they are right for you, ask your healthcare practitioner. 


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