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 with Nordic Pole Walking (Nordic Walking)


 What is Nordic Pole Walking?

Nordic Pole Walking is simply walking with a pair of fitness walking poles designed to help you get a better walking workout, while at the same time helping you overcome any joint or posture problems that may restrict your walking performance.

Walking with poles turns regular walking into a full body workout, and makes walking more fun and effective.

 How To Get Back in Shape with Nordic Pole Walking
 Get Back in Shape
with a pair of Nordic Walking Poles

Why is Nordic Pole Walking such a good way to get Back in Shape? 

Walking with poles multiplies your health benefits and gives you support for painful joints such as knee pain or back pain.  If you have given up running due to joint problems, Nordic Pole Walking, or Poling, may be a great choice for you. Walking with poles improves your posture, while giving your arms, and core muscles a better workout.  You can walk or trek with your poles, enjoying the outdoors.

  Get Back in Shape with LEKI Nordic Walking Instructor (Lt Blue) Trekking Pole

Leki Nordic Walking Poles

Get Back in Shape with The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book

Walking is easy, inexpensive, effective, and best of all, it feels good.  Nordic Walking Poles add to the effectiveness of your walk by making it a full body fitness workout and better cardiovascular workout. 

 Health benefits from walking include improvements to your heart and lungs, muscle tone and strength, weight loss, circulation and respiration.  Nordic Pole Walking multiplies these benefits in less time.

 Nordic Walking uses more muscles, toning your arms and improving your trunk, postural and core muscle strength with each step.

Walking with Poles is low impact and has the advantage of helping you overcome joint problems that limit your walking. Some examples:

Hip, knee or ankle pain with weight bearing can be reduced as you plant your walking pole, allowing some of your body weight to be supported thru your arms, much as a cane would.  But these are so much "cooler".

Mobility of the spine is enhanced, giving you a better posture and gait pattern when walking with a pair of Nordic Walking Poles. 

Walking is a great exercise to help you prevent the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

Remember to use your pedometer to monitor your distance.  If you are working to reduce your weight, include the principles of interval training. 

 Pedometer Walking gives you an objective way to track your progress and to give you motivation.

 Interval walking helps you bump up your intensity and burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

What do you need to get started Walking with Poles?

 1. A Pair of Nordic Walking Poles

We like Leki Poles. The Traveller Leki Poles allow you
to pack them and take them with you on the go

LEKI Rubber Fitness Walking Tip  

A Pair of rubber walking tips fit over the ends of the Leki trekking poles and allow you to walk indoors or on pavement.

 Airuis Retro Mesh Half Finger Cycling Gloves, Medium, Natural

A Pair of Gloves may come in handy for more comfort. And don't forget your other walking supplies: a pedometer, good walking shoes and absorbent socks.

Get Back in Shape with LEKI Nordic Walking Traveller Nordic Pole
Leki Nordic Walking Traveller

More Leki Poles 

 2.  Proper Instruction

If you are new to pole walking, learn proper technique. If you don't have access to personal instruction, the following are some suggestions to help you learn:

Nordic Pole Walking Books:

Nordic Walking Step by Step by David Downer
book or downloadable e-book

Nordic Walking For Total Fitness by Suzanne  Nottingham and Alexandra Jurasin

The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book, by Klaus Schwanbeck 

Walking with Pole Instructional DVDs:

Poles for Hiking Trekking and Walking, by Jayah Faye Paley and Thomas Wohlmut

This DVD shows how to properly use your walking poles for power, endurance, balance and stability.  Jayah demonstrates how to avoid wrist and arm strain while getting a full upper body workout.  You'll recruit your core muscles and burn more fat for greater weight loss.

Her step by step progression teaches you correct technique to enhance your total body workouts and support your joints.

Poles for Balance & Mobility, by Jayah Faye Paley 

If you are using the walking poles to improve your walking mobility, Jayah Faye Paley has an instructional DVD that specifically addresses proper use of your Nordic Walking Poles for Posture, Balance & Mobility

Nordic Walking for Total Fitness

 The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book

POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking

Grab your walking poles and pedometer, add your favorite music or audiobook on your MP3 Player or iPod and you are good to go.  Enjoy!


          How To Get Back in Shape with David Downer's Nordic Walking Step by Step

 POLES for Balance & Mobility


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