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Strength Training - Power of 10 Fitness


Strength Training transforms your body.  If you are new to strength training, you can create lean muscles, burn fat, strengthen bones, reduce pain all in one or two 20 minute strength training sessions per week with the Power of 10. 


  Power of 10 : The Once-A-Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution

Power of 10

by Adam Zickerman


Bill Schley

Power of 10,  The Once-A-Week, Slow Motion Fitness Revolution by Adam Zickerman is an easy way to get started with strength training or resistance training. 

The first part of the book focuses on the 3 pillars of the Power of 10:

  1.  Exercise & Fitness 
  2.  Nutrition 
  3.  Rest & Recovery 

The second part of the book covers strength training routines with straight forward instructions, pictures and information on the muscle groups targeted.

This book covers exercise machines, free weights, bodyweight routines, charting your progress and proper technique.

Power of 10 is recommended to help you get back in shape with strength training.  See results with 20' of strength training per week.

Power of 10 emphasizes the importance of rest and recovery when strengthening muscles.  This recovery phase is often overlooked when exercising. 

The resistance you use for strength training may be free weights (like dumbells  barbells or kettlebells), resistance machines or your own body weight.* Or you can use resistance bands.  Strength training supplies and equipment:

 Dumbells & Kettlebells

Exercise Equipment

 Resistance Bands

 Strength Training Books & DVDs


                                                 With *Bodyweight Routines, you use the weight of your body to provide the resistance needed to strengthen your muscles. 

Bodyweight routines include exercises like chin ups, push ups, chin ups, lunges or planks. 

If you are able to support your body weight, this is a great way to strengthen with a minimum of equipment needed.

If you are unable to support your body weight, consider using an exercise ball or a Total Gym. Varying the angle of the Total Gym allows you to gradually increase the body weight that you are supporting.

For more information on bodyweight strength training, see Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training Bodyweight  Routines.

 Chin up Bars:  Over Door   Mounted
 Total Gyms:  Basic   3000 or XLS (Special Offer)


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