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Sitting Posture 


New Sitting Posture Habit - Diaphragm Expansion and Spinal Alignment Exercise:

Snapshot: Take a picture of you sitting at your computer with your cell phone or web cam. This is your starting point.

Start getting back in shape right here as you sit!  Become aware of your body as you sit at the computer by asking yourself:


What is the position of your head and shoulders?

Where are your ribs in relationship to your abdomen?

Is your belt or your bra constricting?

Do you feel tension in your neck and shoulders?

How deeply are you breathing?

Does your breath pass your nose, throat, chest, or belly?

Do you have any places that feel tight? 

Finding the answers to these questions requires that you begin to become aware of your body. If you are surprised by your web cam snapshot, it just means that you are not fully aware of your body positioning. Because we generally spend a fair amount of time sitting - at the computer, in front of the TV, driving to and from work - we can improve the shape we’re in by just sitting better!

Try a New Sitting Posture:

  • 1. Roll your pelvis forward until your lift off of your tail bone & sit onto your sits bones (or ischial tuberosities, the bones that you feel if you put your hands under your buttocks as you sit).


  • 2. Lift your lower ribs off of you abdomen. (It's an elongation feeling with upwards motion.)


  • 3. Take a deep breath allowing your belly (your diaphragm) to expand instead of using your chest and neck muscles.


  • 4. This frees your neck and shoulder muscles to drop back and down.


  • 5. Then just tuck your chin in a bit.

Viola! You have just aligned your spine and internal organs, eased stresses on your joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons and started your body on a positive trend over time rather than on a negative trend. And you have begun to discover your "core".

In short, you have just taken a first step in body awareness, which is a crucial step in getting back in shape.

 Next step:  Avoid long period of sitting without breaks.

Why? The more you sit, the more likely you are to develop a chronic disease.* Recent research shows that even if you get your 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, if you sit for prolonged periods without getting up to move around, your chances of getting a metabolic disease, type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease increase.

Minimize the effects of sitting:

 How To Get Back In Shape with an Exercise Ball

 Use an Exercise Ball as a Desk Chair, Or try a Balance Ball Chair  

  Get Back in Shape while you Sit with The Back Vitalizer
The Back Vitalizer

  • Stand up for short periods after every 20 minutes of sitting. 
  • Try sitting on an exercise ball to increase movement of your pelvis and spine, as well as the contraction of postural trunk muscles.
  • Or sit on the back vitalizer, which gives you similar benefits of sitting on a ball, without the risk of falling off. The Back Vitalizer can also be used as shown as a lumbar cushion for back support. 
  • Set a timer to assure that you get up from your seat every 20 minutes. Move around to get your circulation going. 

Too Much Sitting: a novel and important predictor of chronic disease risk?
Br J Sports Med 2009;43:81-83 doi:10.1136/bjsm.2008.0552 69

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