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Find a Therapist with Specialized Techniques

Some Physical Therapists use specialized techniques, usually under the heading of manual therapy. These include but are not limited to Joint and Soft Tissue Mobilization, P.R.R.T., CranioSacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage.

The following will give you an idea which types of techniques you may want to ask about. Not all practitioners of the therapies listed below are physical therapists. For example, massage therapists and other licensed practitioners may also practice some of the following techniques.

If you are able to find a practitioner of one of the below therapies who is also a Physical Therapist, you'll have the benefit and expertise of both specialties giving you more options for success.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) - You may be familiar with some of the different rhythms of the body such as your heart rhythm that you can palpate (feel) by checking your pulse. Or your respiratory rhythm can be checked by observing your breath. You may not be aware of your craniosacral rhythm. It is a rhythm of movement of your cerebrospinal fluid (the fluid that surrounds your brain and flows down along your spinal cord to protect and nourish it). It is a very gentle rhythm that is treated with very gentle hands-on movements. If you have a painful condition that is inhibiting you from getting back in shape, consider a treatment with craniosacral therapy. Find a CST practitioner

Joint Mobilization - A very exact manual therapy technique directed at the surfaces of a joint, in a specific direction, with a specified grade of pressure which requires considerable palpation training and skill. If you have a joint problem, look for a physical therapist with manual therapy skills who specializes in orthopedic problems and treatment of the joints and/or spine. Find a Physical Therapist 

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy - Another body system that may have been overlooked if you have had previous therapy that did not bring you to the level of function you desire is the lymphatic circulation system. Often as a result of injury or inactivity, the lymphatic system fails to drain swelling away to clear it from your body. To stimulate the flow of your lymph, your therapist uses a very light massage technique in a certain sequence along the lymphatic paths of your body. Just as you need your blood to circulate to nourish your tissues, you need your lymphatic system to circulate in order to "clean up" your tissues especially if you have swelling. Find a LTC or LLCC practitioner

McKenzie  - Robin Mckenzie of New Zealand introduced his treatment to treat back pain to the U.S. thirty years ago. At the time his technique was contrary to accepted back treatment wisdom. His technique to centralize radicular leg pain (sciatica) to the center of the back and then thru some gentle movements eliminate it all together revolutionized treatment for the back. Today, most therapists use his techniques when appropriate. Locate A Certified McKenzie Provider. Also, you can try his technique with his self treatment book, Treat Your Own Back. However, you need to make sure that your back problem is not aggravated by "extension" before trying this technique, so ask your healthcare professional if this technique is right for your condition. If you have a spondylolesthisis, spinal stenosis or a fully herniated disc do not try self treatment.

P.R.R.T. - Primal Reflex Release Technique in brief recognizes that in many injuries and pain conditions, the nervous system starts working on over-drive as it tries continually to to protect the pain area even long after the injured site has technically "healed". If this ongoing "reflex" activity is not interrupted, the condition never really heals and can cause new symptoms over time. A therapist trained in P.R.R.T. may help your condition in a relatively short period of time, just by turning off the switch, even if you have had treatment previously. Find a P.R.R.T. practitioner. Note all P.R.R.T. practitioners are not physical therapists, but all should have some type of practitioner's license.

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