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Home Traction Devices 

Are you looking for back pain relief so you can get back in shape?  Spinal Decompression, Lumbar Traction, Inversion Therapy and Distraction are all terms used to describe gently separating the vertebra above from the one below.  This relieves pressure on the intervertebral disc and facet joints and can be very effective for back pain relief.  For many back pain sufferers, traction may eliminate the need for surgery, especially if they have a home traction device.

Lumbar Traction allows tight muscles to release and relax, which can further reduce pain and pressure.  If you have degenerative changes of the spinal joints or discs, traction therapy may be very helpful in reducing or relieving your pain and improving your mobility.  The Inversion Therapy Video below shows how easy it is to do traction by yourself with a home unit.  Read our caution below, before trying spinal decompression.




















  How To Get Your Back in Shape using Inversion Traction in the 90/90 Position with the Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine

  Inversion 90/90


See the Caution below for inversion traction.

Read the Caution below
Check with your Doctor
Ask your Therapist
Try it out!

For Neck and Back Pain

Get Your Neck and Back in Shape with Spinal Decompression using the Posture Pro Posture Pump and Spine Trainer

Gravity Boots for the young and agile!

Gravity Boots for the young and agile!  

The beauty of being able to stretch out your spine on your own, makes it possible for you to get back pain relief at home, by yourself, when you hurt.  Being able to perform lumbar traction at home before the pain "crescendos" into unbearable pain, is a welcomed relief for many back pain sufferers.

Benefits of Spinal Decompression,  Lumbar Traction or Inversion Therapy

Relieve Pain and Muscle Spasms
Decrease Disc Pressure
Ease Nerve Impingement
Relieve Sciatica and Leg Pain
Improve Flexibility and Movement

Provide Back Pain Relief Daily at Home

Methods: There are many methods you can use to achieve spinal decompression at home.  Decompressing the pressures on your spine can be as simple as:

  • Hanging from an overhead bar by your hands, allow gravity and your lower body weight to gently pull and distract the spine. 
  • Standing on a step sideways, let one leg dangle off of the step (while holding onto the railing). This will provide some distraction of the back on that side. 
  • Lying on your back and having someone (who knows what they are doing) gently pull on your leg is also a method of traction. 

To get the most and ongoing benefit of spinal decompression therapy, having your own home traction device is the best way of successfully doing home traction. 

There are 3 basic types of  home traction devices:

  1. Inversion 90/90 
  2. Inversion Back Swing 
  3. Traction lying down 

  How To Get Your Back in Shape with the Comfortrac Home Traction Device   
ComforTrac Lumbar Traction

 How To Get Your Back in Shape using Inversion Traction with the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Therapy Table

Inversion Back Swing


Supine Traction Device - If you are unable to do inversion traction therapy (see cautions below) then a traction device used lying down is best.  However, they also are often the most expensive.  You lie on the pad, attach the 2 belts and then use the pump to increase the traction force.

The 90/90 Inversion units are easy to use.  You stand with your hips and abdomen against the pad.  Hold the handles to lean forward and invert using your legs to maintain your position.  If you have abdominal problems, you may prefer the back swing.

The Inversion Back Swing is an easy way to experience inversion traction.  Because it may seem a bit daunting, we have provided a video to see how easy it is to use.  If you have hip or knee problems, you may feel more comfortable with the 90/90 unit.

Inversion Boots - For the young and agile only.  Inversion or gravity boots place stress of the knees and hips. 

When you first try home spinal decompression, make sure that you follow instructions from your healthcare practitioner.  Begin with low levels of stretch for short periods of time to evaluate your response.  If you feel better, without any increase in symptoms, gradually increase the amount of pull or the length of time.  Re-evaluate your results and progress according to the response of your symptoms.  Do not overdo!

Remember that with back pain, your symptoms may not show up for hours after something that you have done.  (Sometimes symptoms don't show up until the next morning.) So, progress cautiously with lumbar traction and inversion therapy for the best results.   Disclaimer

See this demonstration video on setting up and using an Inversion Back Swing.

See More on Back Pain and Self-Treatment Techniques

Caution:  Spinal Decompression, Lumbar Traction or Inversion Therapy is not for everyone.  You must consult with your healthcare practitioner to see if traction is appropriate for your condition(s).

Inversion therapy may worsen some eye problems.  If you have a heart condition or high blood pressure,  do not do inversion therapy unless your physician has approved this method of traction for you.

Your back diagnosis may not be a condition that is helped by spinal decompression.  In fact, traction can actually make some back conditions worse.  If you have spondylolisthesis or instability, for example, trying to stretch the spine would be contraindicated.  Ask your doctor or healthcare practitioner if traction is right for you, Before you try it.


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