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Strength Training or resistance training is an important part of getting back in shape.  It is good for fat loss as well as muscle and bone development. Strengthening muscles can also help to reduce pain.

By loading a muscle with resistance, the muscle increases its tensile strength to meet the load. The resistance you use for strength training may be free weights (like dumbells and barbells), resistance machines or your own body weight. Or you can use resistance bands. 

Learn from the Experts: Tom Venuto, Craig Ballantyne, Jon Benson

How To Get Back in Shape with Strength Training
Use Strength Training to Get Back in Shape

(If you are a beginner or older adult you may want to print out the CDC's exercises on pages 123 and 124 of pdf file (or pages 112 &113 of booklet) to show to your doctor and ask if these are appropriate for you.) Remember to clear any exercise program with your physician.

Benefits of Strength Training

Adding resistance to your workouts multiplies your exercise benefits. As you increase your muscle strength, you increase your calorie burn during and after exercise. You improve your ability in any physical activity whether it is getting out of the chair, going up stairs or skiing the slopes.

Strength training helps you reduce pain, support your joints and strengthen bones to avoid osteoporosis or thinning of bones. Research shows that strength training improves balance. Other benefits of strength training include better sleep and improved mental outlook.  Begin strengthening with your core.


Strength Training Instructions: 

 Power of 10   Strength Training For Women
 Starting Strength  

Strength Training Resistance Tools:

 Dumbells & Kettlebells

 Exercise Equipment

 Resistance Bands

 Strength Training Books & DVDs

To avoid injury when strength training, make sure that you have sufficiently warmed up the muscles without using resistance before adding the load. To learn proper form whether you will be using free weights, weight machines, resistance bands or body weight, a session with a professional trainer is advised. If you are exercising in your home gym, consider hooking up your web or video camera to monitor your motions and correct your form. Be sure to bring your awareness to the muscles you are contracting while you perform each exercise, rather than just going thru the motions. Make sure that you work on your trunk stability first to provide a stable foundation.


Strength Training with a Total Gym:

If you are planning to get back in shape at home, consider The Total Gym for strength training. You have no doubt heard about using your own body weight to strengthen your muscles. But for many of us, squats, lunges, planks, side planks etc. are too hard to do given our body weight and weak muscles.

One solution is The Total Gym. By raising or lowering its angle, you essentially raise or lower the amount of body weight that you are using for resistance. The higher the angle, the more the resistance.

For the beginner or for your warm-ups, start with The Total Gym at a lower angle for a lower resistance level. It allows you to grow your exercise program as you get stronger and lose weight, without having to upgrade your home equipment.

For back pain, the Total Gym is ideal for strength training as the sliding incline board allows you to support your back while you strengthen your core or trunk muscles, your upper body and lower body. Information from The Total Gym includes:

  • Over 60 exercises on the Total Gym 3000, and over 80 exercises on the Total Gym XLS
  • Folds for easy storage under your bed or in a closet*
  • Versatile - build muscle, slim & tone muscle, gain flexibility, burn calories & lose weight
  • Lasts a lifetime with quality construction
  • No assembly required
  • Interest free payment plans available
  • FREE Shipping
  • 30 Day Risk Free Trial
  • Money back guarantee  

We suggest that you check out either the 3000 or the XLS. We haven't included the 2000 because it doesn't come with the squat stand and we think that the squat is an excellent multi-joint, functional exercise. The XLS's weight limit is 400# and the 3000's weight limit is 300#.

They both have a great trial offer. To try it, click here>  

*If you have a dedicated area to leave your gym equipment in place, you are more likely to use it more consistently. Your How To Get Back In Team

Check out these Total Gyms from Amazon.

Strength Training with a Home Gym:

For other Home Gym Strength Training Equipment consider the Body-Solid or BodyCraft Home Gyms.

Strength Training with Expert Advice:

For expert advice on strength training and fat burning exercises from professional bodybuilder, Tom Venuto, check out his ebook, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. It is available online to download. He also has an inner circle membership that gives you ongoing instruction and information. Click below for more information on Tom Venuto and how he can help you get back in shape with strength training.

 Burn the Fat

 Inner Circle Membership

 Tom Venuto

  Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

Strength Training Information and Home Gyms:

Home Gyms 

Strength Training Books & DVDs

 Weights & Dumbells


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