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 How To Get Back In Shape with Stretching
Stretching to Get Back in Shape

Daily routine stretching can transform the way you feel.  To get back in shape, routine stretching will help you correct muscle imbalances and release muscle tension.  Stretching in conjunction with your exercise program helps to prevent injury and relieve pain. 

Notice that we specify daily "routine" stretching, not a hit and miss method.  It is the consistent, daily stretching program that will give you the results you are looking for to get back in shape.

Foam Roller

To best address your flexibility, combine an overall stretching program with specific targeted stretches for any problem areas such as your pectorals, hip flexors, heel cords or hamstring muscles. 

To make your program of routine stretching, routine, you need to work it into your daily schedule, just as you do for brushing your teeth or taking a shower. By combining multiple joint and muscle stretches into one exercise, you can create a full body stretch in just a few minutes per day.

           Stretching Books

If lack of time is a reason that you use for not getting back in shape, try Joseph Weisberg's 3 Minute Stretching program. This book makes no time, no excuse!

  3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief

3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life

3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life, by Joseph Weisberg P.T., Ph.D. has truly simplified feeling better.  The six easy to do therapeutic movements combine multiple joints and muscle groups to streamline your daily stretching routine to just 3 minutes.

The book has a basic program, as well as modifications for the athlete, seniors, pregnant women and for children.  Also, included are stretches or therapeutic movements for different pain conditions.

This book has a place in everyone's library.

As with any exercise program consult with your healthcare practitioner before beginning an exercise program. See full disclaimer.

If you have more time to dedicate to your daily routine stretching program, consider The Ming Method. 

The Ming Method

 The Permanent Pain Cure: The Breakthrough Way to Heal Your Muscle and Joint Pain for Good (PB)

  The Permanent Pain Cure 

"The Breakthrough Way to Heal Your Muscle and Joint Pain for Good."

The Permanent Pain Cure, by Ming Chew PT., bodybuilder and martial arts student, is an excellent book for stretching routines to relieve pain.   

The book includes spinal and fascial stretches and presents routines for special joint pain conditions. It addresses the importance of proper hydration to achieve optimal stretching.

The Ming Method also includes a strengthening program with bodyweight, weights and kettlebell exercises. A discussion of dietary supplements and an anti-inflammation diet is also addressed.

Recommended to help you get back in shape with total body stretches.

 As with any exercise program consult with your healthcare practitioner before beginning an exercise program. See full disclaimer.

Stretching Strap  - To assist with your stretching exercises.
Foam Roller  - For self-massage and release of tight muscles., Inc    
Yoga is an excellent practice for stretching and flexibility, as well as strengthening the postural muscles and improving your breathing. 

The practice of yoga includes much more than just physical benefits.  It is a great discipline to get back in shape., Inc  


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