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Walking is one of the best ways to start getting back in shape. It really is just a matter of getting started by putting one foot in front of the other, day after day, week after week.

Start walking and fitness simply follows. Discover what walking can do for you. Check out our walking suggestions, and then go for a walk!

What can you accomplish by walking regularly? The following are some of the benefits of walking for fitness:

Release Stress and Free Up Energy
Lower Your Risk For Disease: Diabetes (type 2), Heart Disease,  and Metabolic Syndrome
Burn Calories to Lose Weight!
Improve Your Circulation, (blood and lymphatic circulation)
Improve Your Muscle Tone
Improve Your Bone Density and Lots More!

So if you ready to get back in shape, get started walking, and your new level of fitness is just steps ahead.  Check out how to start your walking program, today.


To start your walking program: 

1.  Get Clearance from your Doctor before you begin your  walking program.

2.  Activity Log: Print out our activity log to keep track of the walking that you are presently doing. 

3.  Pedometers: If you don't already have a pedometer to keep track of your steps, you can pick up an inexpensive one locally, or check out more accurate pedometers, like the Omron pocket pedometers in our amazon store. Using a pedometer for your walking program is a good way to track your progress and keep you motivated to continue.

Pedometer Walking, by Mark Fenton will get you started in the right direction.  The OmronHJ-720ITC pocket pedometer will download your steps to your computer for an easy way to keep track of your progress. 

Walking Goals:

Walk 10,000 steps per day

To achieve a moderate exercise intensity, walk 10 minutes at a brisk pace about 1000 steps 3x/day, or 3000 steps in 30 minutes.





4. Walking Shoes and Socks:                                         

Try on your walking shoes. Walking shoes should fit well with an absorbent pair of socks.

If you need a new pair of shoes, consider the Brooks Addictions walking shoes for nice support and comfort.  Or if you have good balance and want to try something new, check out the MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) or Skechers Shape- Ups walking shoes.  Some people like Reebok's EasyTones with air cells for comfort.

 Brooks Addiction


 Shape Ups

 Aquatic Training Shoes

For walking or jogging in water,  wear a pair of aquatic training shoes to protect your feet. 

Alignment:  If you have problems with the alignment of your feet or legs, Orthotics, or shoe inserts, may help to reduce stress and pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and/or back.

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How To Gauge Your Walking Intensity:

5. Heart Rate Monitor: For safety and efficiency, you need to learn your safe target heart rate range. While the "talk test" is useful, a heart rate monitor will help you learn your intensity levels better. Many people underestimate "moderate exercise intensity" and therefore do not make the most of their exercise programs. When you are ready to bump your walking up a notch with interval training, you will find a heart rate monitor useful. Ask your doctor for your appropriate target heart rate range for exercise and whether or not interval training is safe for you.  Learn more about your exercise target heart rate.

6. Walking Instruction:  To get the most out of your walks, learn to walk well. Our walking instruction section includes books, CDs and DVDs about how to walk for fitness:

  •  with a Pedometer, 
  •  with Good Walking Posture, 
  •  with Proper Walking technique and 
  •  with Nordic Pole Walking.  

When you start your walking program to get back in shape, start slowly. Gradually increase your walking distance and your intensity. Doing too much, too soon may cause pain and/or injury. Allow your body, your muscles and tendons, and your cardiovascular system to gradually accommodate so that you can enjoy pain-free walking for a lifetime.

How To Get Back in Shape with Nordic Pole Walking:

7. Nordic Walking Poles: Turn your walking into a full body workout with a pair of nordic walking poles. They increase the workout to your trunk and upper body muscles. And if you have back or lower extremity pain, walking poles can make a big difference in your pain allowing you to walk farther and faster. Nordic pole walking can also help you walk better if you have balance and mobility problems.

8.  Pain with Walking: If you have pain with walking, consider walking in water or using Nordic Walking Poles. 

Nordic Pole Walking - If your walking is limited because of low back or lower extremity pain such as hip, knee or ankle pain, Nordic Pole Walking can give you enough support to reduce pain and improve your mobility and endurance. 

ElliptiGO - The smooth gliding motion of an elliptical training bike allows you to get a good cardio workout without impact to your joints. 

Aquatic Exercise - Walking in water is easier on the joints because of the the buoyancy of the water.  And the resistance of the water gives your muscles a good workout.  Wear a pair of aquatic shoes to protect your feet and to provide traction.  

Pain Relief - If you have pain with walking, see our pain relief section for pain relief supplies.

9. Other optional walking supplies to help your walking for fitness program be more enjoyable and safe:

  • MP3 player for music or audio books to listen to while you walk 
  • Cell phone for safety 

Get Back in Shape Faster Walking with a Weight Vest

M3 Player for Music and Audiobooks while you Get Back In Shape Walking

10. Get your Back in Shape Buddy or Buddies and go for a walk! See how long it takes you to get to 10,000 steps per day.  Sign in below for our Free guide for other important ways to get back in shape.


Take your walking to the next level with an ElliptiGO!

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